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International Peace Day



Join us as we unite for International Peace Day!

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Creating Peace within, sharing peace with others and together supporting world peace! ~ Namaste :) 





Thank you Jasmine for such a wonderful experience. I did all 108 sun salutations and it was a buzz to achieve this! I felt energized and alive! The dancing was great, food delicious, and friendship happy and warm. Congratulations on putting together such a great day!

~ Bev Langein ~
I wish to share my experience and gratefulness with you about the Global Mala Event yesterday.
It was a great family and group experience, a unique experience to do 108 salutations, and most importantly it was humbling to serve a higher purpose of global peace with doing like minded people. Thank you for preparing this and for the spirit you've brought to the event.

~ Bernhard Baurne ~
Thanks for organising the Mala celebrations. At about 90 something salutations, with the drums getting louder I had the most delicious rush of endorphins and the most incredible sensations of pure bliss. Fancy that!
Nothing like 108 sun salutations to lift your spirit!

~ Lisa Horton ~


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