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Sundalah Events are an open arms approach for creating positive connections in our local community and beyond.

Sundalah Events also share the teachings of yoga because yoga means ‘to merge, join, or unite'. The study of yoga implies the union of the body, mind and spirit to achieve a happy, balanced and purposeful life.

Here's some of the wonderful feedback from the last decade of Sundalah Events:


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Thank you so much for your teachings over the weekend. One of the most awesome things I gained from the weekend was finding my commUNITY!!! I have for so long been searching for like minded people to share stories with and Sunday's session gave me so much strength and support instead of criticism. I would love to attend more events! Thank you so much again!   ~ Paul Lyons 


Wow! I am blown away by Sundalah Sunday!!  What an amazing event and incredible community!!  Thank you so much for being the catalyst bringing it all together!  I had NO idea Townsville had such a vibrant community.  What a blessing to be here and be part of it!! Thank you, thank, you!   ~ Tracey Uber-Cook 


It is such a joy to be able to help and work together on these important events. They bring community together and enable us to peacefully express and demonstrate a social message about our life choices. It is not an easy task to connect with an international movement for peace, so thank you for the opportunity. Blessings to Jasmine and volunteers for your sincerity and commitment to a yoga life.  ~ Vicki Salisbury


Thank you sooo much for the wonderful evening... I truly enjoyed it, and look forward to attending more in the future, as it just hit the spot, and honestly was  EXACTLY what I needed that day. You're a gem! If you have any up coming events I would love to come along; as I can tell it'd be a fab time!! ~ Jess Hardy 


I just wanted to thank you for everything you put into Sundalah Day and for having the vision to grow something so beautiful. I can only imagine the hours that you put in all year round. It all evolves as the beautiful community that comes together with such a wonderful energy. I feel truly blessed to be a part of it and just wanted to let you know.

~ Connie Hardy ~
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being at Sundalah Sunday. It really is a fabulous event and more people need to know how great it really is. Like the folk who drove from Cairns. They said they don’t have a yoga community there. I wish more local people knew how unique it was.

~ Corina Tesolin ~
What a wonderful day, Jasmine. Thank you for bringing the Townsville yoga community together. It is especially lovely to come together as teachers and offer our differing styles. The balance of classes and the way they complemented each other as the day unfolded worked well.

~ Isabella Cannon ~
Thankyou to you and all your helpers for a great afternoon!
With so much on offer it really pays to turn up at noon to try and experience a little bit of everything ... so much to do and so little time. Thoroughly enjoyed everything including the chai tea and date slice - compliments to the workers in the kitchen. Thankyou for your efforts and the organising of so many interesting activities at a great venue.

~ Mark & Paula ~
I attended your Sundalah Sunday today for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stayed all afternoon, and only skipped one session to relax in the garden with a cup of tea and a delicious date muffin!

~ Sharon McCahill ~
First I just wanted to say how great yesterday was, I still have a smile on my face!
I am looking forward to the next Sundalah Sunday!!

~ Kylie Jaques ~
Thank you Jasmine for such a wonderful experience. I did all 108 sun salutations and it was a buzz to achieve this! I felt energized and alive! The dancing was great, food delicious, and friendship happy and warm. Congratulations on putting together such a great day!

~ Bev Langein ~
I wish to share my experience and gratefulness with you about the Global Mala Event yesterday.
It was a great family and group experience, a unique experience to do 108 salutations, and most importantly it was humbling to serve a higher purpose of global peace with doing like minded people. Thank you for preparing this and for the spirit you've brought to the event.

~ Bernhard Baurne ~
Thanks for organising the Mala celebrations. At about 90 something salutations, with the drums getting louder I had the most delicious rush of endorphins and the most incredible sensations of pure bliss. Fancy that!
Nothing like 108 sun salutations to lift your spirit!

~ Lisa Horton ~
Lovely experience! Divine ocean views, cool breezes, birds singing, fresh winter scent, surrounded by calmness and like minded people, Thank you!

~ Alina ~
It was wonderful! Thank you for your words of wisdom and bringing us together to share this special day!

~ Rachel Bowater ~
Hey Jasmine, just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you today and thank you for making such a difference in the Townsville Community. I will definitely be spreading the word.

~ Dea Mitchell ~
The Townsville yoga community is like no other in the world and the reason for that is Jasmine and Sundalah. She has an amazing way of bringing us all together to connect and do many great things. I will never forget the day she called me up when I was new to town and invited me round for a cuppa. In that meeting I met someone who was as passionate about yoga as me, whose energy was infectious and who would become a true friend and inspiration.

~ Allison Dearling ~


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