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Welcome Your Challenges


Yoga reminds us that balance is one of the key qualities we need to revisit regularly. Yoga postures, breathing practice, meditation and the universal elements within us and around us...

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Yoga for our Young People


Simplicity, calm and the ability to focus are fast becoming rare experiences in daily life, with anxiety and depression related concerns rising at a rapid pace. Young people today have regular access...

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Insect Insight


Simplicity and efficiency for self care has been my focus these past few weeks which I wrote about in last month's blog. My days were planned spaciously and I was moving along at...

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2016 Simplicity


How are you settling into 2016? Have you noticed any intuitive pearls of awareness shimmering for your attention?
 If I had to choose two pearls with my name on them these would...

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Family Yoga Finale


Family Yoga has been a monthly offering in Townsville for almost 5 years. This special class is for ALL ages and offers families a fun and playful way to explore yoga together. This...

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Connect and Thrive!


Our Sundalah CommUNITY is all about creating positive connections through health, wisdom and inspiration. Human beings are tribal by nature and seek stability through connections of love and support. Countless research studies...

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Energy Inspiration


People often comment on my energy and ask how I manage to maintain it while juggling so many different projects. To answer this question, here is a simple explanation of...

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Yoga is like Fruit


I sometimes compare yoga to a platter of delicious fresh fruit. Some of us prefer apples, while others love pineapple. A fruit that is so delicious to one person, might...

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Global Mala - Yoga On & Off the Mat


Everyday more and more people are discovering that yoga is far more than an experience of yoga postures. There is no denying that the physical practice of yoga (Hatha yoga) creates...

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Sundalah Sunday ~ How it Began


The first two posts of this blog gave the how and why Sundalah was created. This third chapter is sharing a trip down Sundalah Sunday memory lane. Creating a Yoga /...

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Sundalah ~ Our Health and Happiness CommUNITY


Each day we rise to a range of choices, such as how we choose to eat, speak, work, play, rest, and so on. Our choices determine our experiences along the...

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How Sundalah Got Its' Name


I am often asked the meaning of Sundalah. The best way to answer this request has me reflecting on how the name Sundalah came to be. I have always loved Mandalas...

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