Find the Cause

by Sue Edge, Serenity Massage

We all know that massage releases tight muscles, is great for relaxation and can relieve headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain.  If you suffer from any of these symptoms you know how debilitating this can be. As your massage therapist I want to find the underlying cause of these problems.
Many dysfunctions not only elicit pain, they can disturb sleep, inhibit correct movement of a joint or even upset certain aspects of our biochemistry.  Overall health can be enhanced by finding the underlying cause of these imbalances. It is by looking at the mechanics of the body and taking time during our initial appointment that solutions can be sought.
During your first appointment, a structural and functional assessment is a key to discovering the origin of the symptoms which trigger pain. Each situation is different and unique and there certainly isn’t a ‘one rule fits all’ approach.
My intention is for you to leave after each appointment with more mobility and less pain. I am looking to resolve the core issues. This is the motivation and drive behind what I do…. and I love it!

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