Yoga in Natural Surrounds

To be able to practise yoga in natural surrounds is to be touched by the subtle rhythms of life.  Through it we can sense the seasons changing and find an awakened intuition; a path into a conscious connection to a space beyond the self.

A feeling of peace arises and there comes a sense of synergistic harmony with the sounds of water,  the chorus of birds, the rustling of leaves, the glorious sensation of light and an awareness of the very air we breathe.

My first teacher often took me to places in nature to discover stillness and a letting go of all distraction. We can and should all make time in daily life for our senses to be touched by the elements we too often take for granted.  When we take time to smell the flowers and to create the space to feel our natural surrounds our bodies respond by feeling rejuvenated.  It becomes an elixir to life itself.

As a long time practitioner of yoga in natural settings, I encourage us all to create our own such experience and enjoy a new found freedom.  When we connect with life in a fluid space our senses are awakened, a clearer picture is formed, we become more centred and the circle of life renewed.

by Meredith Starck

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