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Jasmine Healy-Pagan     BEd, ERYT 500, MBSR-T 

A former competitive swimmer, teacher and fitness trainer, Jasmine was first drawn to yoga while living and working in New York City in the 1990s. After many years of yoga practice, and the birth of her second daughter, Jasmine's desire to deepen her yoga understanding began in 2005 when she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in Boston and she has been studying yoga and meditation ever since.

Jasmine is a certified Prana Vinyasa teacher having studied with Shiva Rea since 2007.  Jasmine's adult classes are a fluid blend of asana, movement meditation and the life principles of yoga. You can attend a weekly open class with Jasmine on Fridays at 9:30am at YogaHealth Townsville.

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Jasmine also teaches private clients, a monthly Saturday morning meditation circle and has been sharing her Kids Yoga Club and Teen Yoga classes since 2008. Jasmine teaches yoga to all ages and has been teaching children and teens for more than 20 years in Australia and the USA. 

Jasmine shares yoga in schools, at festivals and is the founder of Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. Jasmine writes and facilitates wellness PD trainings and workshops for Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. throughout Queensland.


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Following are testimonials from some of Jasmine's treasured clients:

Thank you so much for a beautiful session with you on Tuesday. On so many levels, my mind, body and soul were confirming over and over that it was exactly what I need and perfect timing. You are a breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed your company, your approach and your attentiveness, so thank you. ~ Lucy Day
Jasmine - you are such a divine yoga teacher, you have everything I need in a yoga class - love, movement, asanas, mindfood, blessings, gratitude and a little push to move beyond my boundary conditions AND FUN!!!  ~ Kerry Spina 
I completely enjoyed this workshop. Everything you taught us and moved us through felt physically and emotionally right, it is just what I needed. Thank you for sharing your gift of communication with us, you are very clear and inspirational.  ~ Vicki Salisbury
I’d like to thank Jasmine Healy-Pagan for her illuminating presentation on “Mindfulness in the Yoga Tradition” yesterday at Sundalah House. Jasmine is a radiant example of how Yoga and mindfulness can transform one’s life for the better. Her infectious enthusiasm for Yoga and her passion for sharing its wisdom with all she meets are a wonderful asset for the Townsville region.  ~ Dr Kingsley Mudd 
Thank you for introducing me to Prana Vinyasa Jasmine. I very much enjoyed the classes and finding out what I could (and couldn't) do. I am looking forward to learning more with you - you have a lovely teaching style and I appreciated your caring way during the classes. Thank you again.  ~ Anne De Costa 
Thank you Jasmine, it was a lovely practice, full of nuance and feeling. I am feeling fabulous and brought elements into my teaching today.  ~ Isabella Cannon
Thank you so much Jasmine for the recent workshops - it gave me an amazing insight into the deeper side of the pattern of Prana Fow and it was beautiful how many layers you appeared to seamlessly create on Wednesday !! I did sleep well and was proud not to feel too sore !! Thank you - your generosity in sharing your passion and energy is humbling.  ~ Judith Eastwood
Thank you so much for everything you taught me - you made me a stronger, more aware Body Balance instructor and even my participants commented on the change. You're amazing at what you do.  ~ Lauren Kelly 
Yoga has enabled me to discover a better person within, and revealed resilience within me at a time when I felt that there could not possibly be any more. Yoga classes with Jasmine have provided me with new skills to self-manage physical injury and to explore mental and emotional pain with new spirituality.Yoga, and specifically my lessons with Jasmine, have elevated my resilience to an empowering level and have assisted in setting me on the most exciting start that I have experienced in some years. Just when my friends and family thought that I could not possibly be any stronger or more positive in the midst of tragedy, they admit that my new found love of yoga has done just that. Thank you Jasmine.  ~ Sharon Bown 
I have been practicing yoga with Jasmine for many years now. I find her positive energy to be infectious! Jasmine's yoga classes are like one big happy family!  ~ Michelle Millar
I am amazed at the difference in taking a class verses teaching it. I felt so wonderful after your class today, you are a highly regarded teacher and philosopher!  ~ Vicki Salisbury
Rise Shine Radiate was in incredible experience! Jasmine created a safe space for me to explore my boundaries and extend myself. So grateful for the beautiful, supportive Sundalah Community I met last Saturday and I'll be back for more!!  ~ Kristine Church 

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