Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.

All proceeds go to


All proceeds from our Sundalah events are given to Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. (YTFS), a not-for-profit organisation (and a registered charity) started in Townsville.

YTFS offers health and wellness yoga-based program's dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for enhancing their own physical and mental wellbeing.

YTFS conducts Professional Development Trainings which empower educators, youth workers and care givers to share life enhancing tools of self awareness, self care and self management.

With ongoing support YTFS plans to offer more program options to support a variety of needs in our community.


Yoga in your school will:

  • Enhance student-teacher relationships.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhance concentration, focus and inner peace.
  • Provide a fun physical activity that is non-competitive.
  • Promote body awareness and self-care.
  • Incorporate character principles in the context of values education.
  • Provide a strategy that promotes physical, mental and emotional well being for both students and teachers.

Yoga in Education

A child who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will not only be more focused and ready to learn, but will also be developing skills for life long health and wellbeing.

Yoga in Education creates an harmonious classroom and inspires a joyful and effective learning process. Yoga reminds us of our ability to choose the positive path of health by shifting oneself from imbalance to balance, stressed to centered, angry to calm, any time we choose.

For more information about Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. and to register for Professional Development Trainings, visit the YTFS website,

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